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Book Arts

Making conceptual artists books is an important part of my art process.  Thinking through ideas via three-dimensional and four-dimensional formats allows me to move beyond the flat 2-page-spread of a sketchbook and into space and time.  Altering existing old books is an opportunity to reconsider how knowledge and ideas are distributed.  Each  altered book  is a  hopeful portrait of how destruction can feed creation.

Southern Hypocrisy, 2008  

Collection of UNC Charlotte Atkins Library

Collection of the Artist, NFS

Cherry Pickers: The Despoiling of Virgin Minds, 2015

Performance Art Artifact

Davidson College 


Return to Sender, 2016

private collection

Altar Book I   2015,  private collection

Altar Book II, 2016,

America's Longest Lasting Roll: Rapidly Dissolving, 2016


Jehovah's Sutras, 2016,  

Altered Book Pages

Folded Paper Mouth, Wood & Glass Box private collection

Ceramic and Paper, 2016

Between the Divine and Man, 2016 

Accordion Book, Paper, Silver Leaf 

Folded Book, Found Paper, 2016 NFS

Baby's First Bible, 2015,

Altered Book   

Pamphlet Stitch Booklet, Envelope & Card  

Found Paper, Original Photographs, Rice Paper, Linen Thread

You Will Have A Women President in 2017, Ceramic, paper and Acrylic, Limited Edition (14)

private collection

interior view

alternative view

Simplicity, Folded Book, 2016  

private collection

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