Book Arts

Making conceptual artists books is an important part of my art process.  Thinking through ideas via three-dimensional and four-dimensional formats allows me to move beyond the flat 2-page-spread of a sketchbook and into space and time.  Altering existing old books is an opportunity to reconsider how knowledge and ideas are distributed.  Each  altered book  is a  hopeful portrait of how destruction can feed creation.

Southern Hypocrisy, 2008  

Collection of UNC Charlotte Atkins Library

Collection of the Artist, NFS

Cherry Pickers: The Despoiling of Virgin Minds, 2015

Performance Art Artifact

Davidson College 


Altar Book I   2015,  private collection

Altar Book II, 2016,

Return to Sender, 2016

private collection

Baby's First Bible, 2015,

Altered Book   

America's Longest Lasting Roll: Rapidly Dissolving, 2016


Jehovah's Sutras, 2016,  

Altered Book Pages

Folded Paper Mouth, Wood & Glass Box private collection

Ceramic and Paper, 2016

Between the Divine and Man, 2016 

Accordion Book, Paper, Silver Leaf 

Folded Book, Found Paper, 2016 NFS

Pamphlet Stitch Booklet, Envelope & Card  

Found Paper, Original Photographs, Rice Paper, Linen Thread

You Will Have A Women President in 2017, Ceramic, paper and Acrylic, Limited Edition (14)

private collection

interior view

interior view

Simplicity, Folded Book, 2016  

private collection