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Fake (what comes after Baudrillard)


room-size Multimedia installation


what is real, the thing or the reflection of a thing, or both?

what can be felt,
what can be touched,
what can exist,
without light?


Real Fake, 2022​,  plastic

9 x 7 x 1in

The theory of Real-Fake *

Exploring the nature of plastic and hyper-imaginaries.

Real-fake theory posits that humans of this age, are ultimately dealing in a hyper-imaginary situated within the substrate of tech, social biology and consumer behavior.  Not to be confused with the hyperreal of Baudrilliard. **  The existence of our self-made hyper-imaginary depends upon rapid evolutionary changes fueled by ecstasy-inducing platforms.  The imaginary exists until natural causes disrupt or destroy humans' planned environments.  Environments include the physical, ideological, technical and social. 


The global pandemic of this epoch is a significant, natural, all encompassing, worldwide event that pierces and exposes the total, real-fake environment of our current age.   Until we forget.

*     the artist's working theory

** "the generation by models of a real without origin or reality"  (Baudrillard, 1983)

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