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Performance + Installation

Fatal Femininity


The religiously motivated mutilation and control of bodies is examined through installation and performance.  The work evolved over the course of several weeks as the art object decomposed.  

From Mooncakes & Vague Prophecies to Ashes


In election year 2016, more than half of White women in America helped elect a self-professed misogynist and racist to the office of President.

Cherry Pickers: The Despoiling of Virgin Minds

Davidson College Galleries


La Pocha Nostra

Performance Art JAM

Merida, Mexico


Facilitators: Guillermo Gomez-Pena, Balitronica, Saul Garcia-Lopez

Boheme Femme

Bechtler Museum of Modern Art


Code of Torturers: Time Will Only Tell if We're All Just Sinners

wax lips tied.jpg

Performance documentation, 2015

Art & Dialogue: Responding To Racial Tension in America

Intersectionality, Race, Queerness, and Gender


with Ash Williams 

Charlotte-based performance artists Ash Williams + April Marten explain, “We are creating this piece and working together as a visual reminder of difference. We are two bodies and two perspectives who have merged into one art piece. We aim to investigate and test the limits of our own subjectivity and we aim to speak to the world about the multi-dimensions of racism. Some of our questions include: What can we charge the audience with? What can we tell people to expect out of themselves? Our hope is that the work speaks to the importance of process and the labor of questioning. 

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