Potion for a Heartbreak


gold box, ceramic, wood altar, gold lame' altar cloth,

bubble gum dust, lock of hair, broom

performance in perpetuity

15.5 x 10 x 4.5 in

I have a habit of looking for antidotes to what often seems unbearable.  Potion for a Heartbreak materializes as a remedy or relief for what has been lost.  Arranging objects and materials into a space for personal contemplation, the work is activated through performative ritual,  grief transforms to hope..  

2_reliquary box after opening_Marten_Pot

The portable altar and devotional objects are housed in an archival box.  Once removed and arranged, a place is designated for personal contemplation and conjuring.


video, digital capture of private ritual including clay vessel, gold lame altar cloth,  lock of white hair, bubble gum dust, plastic flowers and tobacco.       

00:00:19 looping video