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It's a Sign (Love You.)


2020 + 2021

glass neon, acrylic altar, found objects

2 unique altars


39  x  26 x  4.5 in

private collection

It’s a Sign (Love You.) Altar reimagines the position and consecration of an altar, often presided over and regulated by religious clergy.  Taking inspiration from makeshift domestic altars and yard shrines, where the faithful place readily available offerings, the work playfully synthesizes institutional and domestic concerns with the sacred.


Utilizing word-play and the Instagram app neon font, the work points to the human tendency to place oneself before self-reflective altars for contemplating our relationship to the world at large and, our capacity to love.

Love you. is both candle and altar; shared expression and self-affirmation.

Love you. is a practice and a prayer.

Love you. is the pause preceding final passage.

Love You. 2021

40  ×  24 ×  4.5  in

Untitled Miami 2021

Untitled Art Fair, Miami Art Week, 2021

neon edition love you.jpf

ed 2 of 3

Love You. Neon, 2020

approx 39 x 25 in

(without altar)


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